Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Shift, In Haiku

Your Audi: totalled.
My IV: A bloody mess.
Bad day for us both.

* * * * *

First radiation,
Then dizzy, fall, cut your head.
Cancer is bad news.

* * * * *

Too drunk to stand up?
But you don't want medic help.
Go in handcuffs, then.

* * * * *

You said it's asthma.
But we can tell the diff'rence.
What a drama queen.

With apologies to the inventors of the art form, and thanks to EMS Haiku for the inspiration to describe my day like this.


Intelinurse2B said...

Another creative presentation of your day-good job!

Prisca said...

why did these make me laugh? oh my, i AM sick...

love the blog!

E said...

Number three was priceless!

Eric said...

Great Job. And thanks for being inspired by my haiku. I'm inspired right back! Congrats on being at the end of your preceptorship. If you're looking for a job on the coast, get in touch with me.