Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An EMS Concerto

Sorry I haven't written much lately. Between my internship, some travelling, and a heat wave that's downright brutal for this part of the country, I haven't had much time or inclination. Rest assured I've been running lots of calls and learning a lot, and as soon as it cools down a bit and my brain begins working again, I'll try and post more regularly.

However! I do have an account of my latest shift ... in a slightly different form.

* * * *

Scherzo With Sirens

First Movement: Chest Pain Variations

Largo: Chest Pain With No Real Problems

Allegro: Chest Pain With Real Problems

Andante: Abdominal Pain Of Unknown Etiology

Moderato: Chest Pain With Cranky Old Man

Second Movement: Blood And Heavy Lifting

Poco Adagio: Leg Pain With Unexpectedly Massive Bleeding From Missed IV

Interlude: Change Pants

Molto Largo: Chest Pain With Morbid Obsesity And An Hour On-Scene

Interlude: Sleep Most Of The Night

Finale: Car Accident with Semi, Entrapment, and Trauma System Entry

Vivace: The Saddest Thing About Extrication Is I Have To Stand Back And Watch


Monica Toth said...

That is awesome. Mind you, it's a rather unusual concerto, but I'm not complaining. Chest pain is clearly your soloist, and sirens must be your main theme.

Airway Control said...

Excellent description. I love the format. You mind if I use it sometime? It reminds me of some rock opera albums (The Who, Cursive).

Thanks for the add to your blogroll. You opened me up to the EMS blogging world ... very exciting! Added an EMS blogroll section to my own site. Cheers, and keep up the good blogging!

Intelinurse2B said...

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