Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An EMS Concerto

Sorry I haven't written much lately. Between my internship, some travelling, and a heat wave that's downright brutal for this part of the country, I haven't had much time or inclination. Rest assured I've been running lots of calls and learning a lot, and as soon as it cools down a bit and my brain begins working again, I'll try and post more regularly.

However! I do have an account of my latest shift ... in a slightly different form.

* * * *

Scherzo With Sirens

First Movement: Chest Pain Variations

Largo: Chest Pain With No Real Problems

Allegro: Chest Pain With Real Problems

Andante: Abdominal Pain Of Unknown Etiology

Moderato: Chest Pain With Cranky Old Man

Second Movement: Blood And Heavy Lifting

Poco Adagio: Leg Pain With Unexpectedly Massive Bleeding From Missed IV

Interlude: Change Pants

Molto Largo: Chest Pain With Morbid Obsesity And An Hour On-Scene

Interlude: Sleep Most Of The Night

Finale: Car Accident with Semi, Entrapment, and Trauma System Entry

Vivace: The Saddest Thing About Extrication Is I Have To Stand Back And Watch