Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I am sorry, dear readers (all three of you) for the absence. There have been some drastic changes in my life in the past few months -- all of them good. In brief, I have more responsibility at work now, more space at home now (and a different address), and someone who I am spending a lot of time with.

So, while I have not had the time to really write up any good stories recently, I do have a tidbit of wisdom to share.

You see, I left my old partner, albeit not very willingly. Promotion, in my agency, is almost forced, and of dubious value; I accepted nevertheless, and am left wondering if I lost more than I gained. No doubt I am simply unsettled by the transition, shifted from comfortable tracks to uncharted territory, but just so, I am unsettled and find myself missing the comfortable partnership I had for such a large chunk of my (relatively short) career. I feel a bit uprooted, and I fear it will be some time before I relax again.

That aside, on our last night I asked him what the secret wisdom to being a truly excellent paramedic was.

He thought long and hard, and finally told me he had no clue what the secret to being a truly great paramedic was.

"Here's what I do know," he told me. "Here's what I have learned:

Go to work.

Don't get in trouble.

Go home.

Forget about it."

Words, I feel, to live by.