Saturday, October 10, 2009


03:30:00 - I'm fast asleep, curled up sideways in a recliner, jacket zipped all the way up. Out hard, REM-land, dreaming.

03:30:05 - Fire dispatch drops tones for a breathing problem in our district.

03:30:12 - EMS dispatch taps us out.

03:30:15 - My partner slaps my boot. I barely heard the EMS alert.

03:30:26 - I pop the tab of a Red Bull on the way to the bay. The motor on the garage door whines softly as it opens, letting the night in.

03:30:42 - My gut reels at a depth charge of caffiene, carbonation, and chemicals. My partner is talking to fire ops, pulling up the map on the laptop, and trying to find his seatbelt, all at the same time. I put the car in gear, slap the big red button, and away we go.


Nessa said...

Sometimes I'm jealous that you get to nap at work. But honestly? I'd be useless if I had to go from a dead sleep like that. Just another way I couldn't do what you do, and another chance for me to be grateful that you can!

Hailey said...

Yup. Napping at work. When on night shift our station has beds for us to go into, and dispatch phones our station (we are separate from the fire dept.) so you get the phone ringing in your ear. But if we are on pager sleeping at home you get the devil's alarmclock "taking a year off of your life" to quote this blog. I think i've got infarction all over my heart from that damn pager!