Thursday, September 25, 2008


"... all units, stand by for dispatch."

* * *

"Man, I don't, I mean, you don't, I mean, I don't have to have this collar on my neck and be on this board!"

"Well, sir, I respect your feelings, but seeing as how I'm the paramedic and you're drunk, I'm going to go with my first instinct."

* * *

"... Trauma communications, got an entry for you, bicyclist crashed, no helmet, confirmed loss of consciousness ..."

* * *

"... Big poke in your arm here, sir. "

* * *

"Well, yeah, it hurts worse when I take a deep breath, and when I cough -- see, I've had this cold for a few days..."

* * *

"Medic 38, in service ... Ready for more."

Posted by ShoZu


Drew Rinella said...

Well then I have some snippets for you:

"Medic 1 you're en route to N**** Rehab for a patient with an increased heart rate and a decreased pulse."

"Code 3 transport to OSHU ready now."

"Caller says he suffers from arterial fibrillation."

MedicThree said...

"Medic 3 standby for tones"

"shitheads. Every time I sit down to take a crap or take off my boots that damn pager goes off"

"Medic 3, Medic 2 Cardiac Arrest. 8 yo female"

"500 the patient is stable, response, and has a pulse. 10-22 all responding. No need for 3 firetrucks and 2 cop cars for a simple abrasion."

"729, Code 3, Code 4, PD not on scene"

"then how the fuck do they know it is code 4?"