Tuesday, September 02, 2008


We do a transport from a group home, an uncomplicated chronic problem. The patient is friendly and cooperative, but as a matter of policy the group home sends a staff member to escort him. The staff member is only a few years older than me or my partner (we're a "young" car) and he laughs when he gets in the front seat of the rig.

"Yeah, man, last time I was in one of these I don't remember it!"

Of course I am curious.

"I was shot, man! Two times, I was fightin' for my life."

Wow, we say. Crazy. He laughs again, and agrees, and we go off to the hospital.

* * * *

We're sitting in the bay, doing paperwork, just about ready to go back in service, when the staff member comes out to smoke a cigarette. As he walks by he stops for a second.

"I know I don't remember when y'all took care of me, but I know I was in good hands, man. Y'all are heroes."

Thanks, we say. Thanks very much, and we hope not to ever have to help him again.

"Yeah, man, I hope I don't ever have to see y'all either. Hey, you know what they call you guys in the hood, right?"

Uh. No?

"Ghetto angels, man."


Rogue Medic said...

Depends on the hood.

Drew Rinella said...

What about Mount Hood?

MedicThree said...

Yeah... My hood experience wasn't so pleasant. Tell them to do a hood training program so that they know medics do NOT need to be shot--take it nationwide!