Thursday, May 13, 2010


"Well," said the fire captain, "how are you going to get out? Do you want me to back you, or ... ?"

I looked up and down the four-lane highway. Between an engine, a rescue, our ambulance, and two cop cars, we'd completely blocked two lanes. I'd nosed the ambulance up close to a State Police car when we arrived. The trooper was still taking statements from witnesses.

I shrugged at the captain.

"I think I'll just push the state trooper's car into traffic, and then once it's been smashed out of the way by oncoming traffic I should have plenty of room."


I turned. Oh yeah. The trooper was still taking statements -- five feet away.

"Oh, crap!" I grinned at the fireman. "They have ears!"

The trooper just looked at me and fired up his standard-issue Fifty Megawatt State Trooper Glare. I tried not to wilt.

"Well ... gotta go! You guys take care!"

"Soooo..." The captain was smirking. "I'll back you, then?"


The MacMedic said...

Around here the trooper would have said something akin to "Go ahead, it's not my car."

The MacMedic

Guzzo said...

Now I know this is video of you on a busy night.