Tuesday, March 03, 2009


We're all in National Registry refresher class. A fellow medic is giving a pretty solid lecture on cardiac physiology, with plenty of audience participation.

This may or may not be a good idea.

* * * *

Instructor: "So, what causes cardiomyopathy in young, healthy adults?"

Medic In The Next-To-Back Row: "Cocaine!"

Instructor: "Yes, indeed, that's one cause ... What about our elderly population? What causes cardiomyopathy in old people?"


Yours Truly, In The Very Last Row: "... Cocaine!"


Nessa said...

That's my boy!

Anonymous said...

your uncle ogre chuckles

firefighter girl said...

we have a doc who asks everyone, and I mean everyone, about the use of street drugs. . .when I laughed at him, he said that while he was doing his residency a 79 year old grandma came in with symptoms that he just couldn't find the answer to until he happened to ask, out of desperation and frustration, if she'd snorted any coke. And she said yes.

Hailey said...

firefighter girl that story just made my day! In class, we were taught to ask people if they have taken Viagra in the last 24h or Cialis in the last 48h before giving Nitro (you can plummet their BP). When laughing about asking women we were told some women were now being prescribed Viagra for treatment unrelated to EDS (obviously). I can't remember what that is now, but I still loving little old ladies this question!